Our Vision

The CEE Antiracism and Equity Action Team (ACT) 

Mission Statement 

The time is long overdue for action to fight systemic racism and develop an inclusive and diverse environment in higher education for all. This requires difficult conversations, accountability and change. While open dialogue is necessary, it is not enough. We seek action. The process starts now - - and it starts with us. 

ACT is tasked to formalize actions that educate, support and establish antiracismequity, and diversity in our CEE community and beyond. Every member of our community will be educated on racial injustice and discrimination; we will develop standards on antiracism, equity, and diversity that span the realms of education, research and teaching; we will formalize accountability and rewarding of efforts towards antiracism and equity. It does not end here. This is only the beginning. 

The pillars of our success are: Acknowledgement – Accountability – Action