Degree Programs

The UConn Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers three degree programs:

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BS CE)

The BSCE is a degree program designed to train professionals to plan, design, build and maintain a sustainable and resilient infrastructure. The degree program requires 128-130 credits of coursework, which includes courses from the seven civil engineering technical areas:

Construction Management
Environmental Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Hydraulic/Water Resources Engineering
Structural Engineering
Surveying/Geodetic Engineering
Transportation Engineering

See helpful documentation such as the Guide to Course Selection, a typical four-year degree progression, and more on the Forms & Documents page.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering (BS ENVE)

The interdisciplinary Environmental Engineering Program offers a B.S. degree in Environmental Engineering. The program trains professionals who can address cross-disciplinary environmental problems. Students graduating with a B.S. Environmental Engineering will have the technical breadth to enter the profession immediately upon graduation. 

Minor in Environmental Engineering

A minor degree program in Environmental Engineering creates a new professional opportunity for engineering students at the University of Connecticut. The program is designed for engineering and non-engineering students who would like to expand their area of expertise by incorporating the appraisal of human activity impacts on the environment, minimization and mitigation of such impacts, and tending to the natural environment as the earth’s life support system. 

Requirements and more detailed information can be found in ENVE website’s degree program.

Minor in Construction Engineering & Management

The minor degree program in Construction Engineering & Management This minor exposes engineering students to the fundamentals and applications of construction engineering and management.  This program is designed for engineering students interested in learning about the construction process, project management and the relationship between engineering design and constructability.  This minor includes principles of construction engineering and management, including: project management, scheduling, life-cycle cost analysis, construction principles and project financing. 

Enrollment Statistics

Fall 2019 Enrollment of Civil Engineering
  Headcount Male Female U.S. Minority Int. Degrees Awarded AY18-19
First-time Freshmen 52 38 14 23 1 B.S. 93
Other First Year 0 0 0     Minors 0
Sophomores 50 33 17 18 1    
Juniors 86 64 22 31 4    
Seniors 116 86 30 31 4    
Total 304 221 83 103 10    


Fall 2019 Enrollment of Environmental Engineering
  Headcount Male Female U.S. Minority Int. Degrees Awarded AY18-19
First-time Freshmen 23 14 9 5   B.S. 22
Other First Year 1 1       Minors 9
Sophomores 23 12 11 6      
Juniors 30 11 19 8      
Seniors 47 25 22 15 4    
Total 124 63 61 34 4    

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