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Structural Engineering and Applied Mechanics

A metal structure with an advanced designThe Structural Engineering and Applied Mechanics (STAM) group performs multi-disciplinary research in structural engineering, advanced design, structural vibrations, and other related areas. The faculty has expertise in both structural engineering, involving the design of buildings, bridges and other structures, and applied mechanics, which forms the basis of all structural analysis and design. Learn more.

Transportation and Urban Engineering

A modern trainThe Transportation and Urban Engineering group works in conjunction with the Connecticut Transportation Institute to conduct multidisciplinary research in transportation safety, urban design and regional planning. The faculty has expertise in  areas spanning sustainable transportation systems and infrastructure, complex construction projects, transportation data systems, and geographic information systems. Learn more.

Environmental Engineering

A solar farm including windmillsThe water resources and environmental engineering group performs multidisciplinary research in the areas of surface and groundwater hydrology, land-atmosphere interactions, hydrometeorology, contaminant transport and remediation in aquatic and soil environments, watershed biogeochemistry, solar and microbial fuel cell energy production. Learn more.