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Student groups form a vital part of the student experience at UConn Civil and Environmental Engineering. Our clubs and groups give our undergraduates a chance to build their leadership, communication, and engineering skills while also contributing to the growth of a vibrant learning community and a rich extracurricular and social life for our students.

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Student Chapter Green Building Club
Chi Epsilon Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Student Chapter
Concrete Canoe Association Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) Graduate Chapter
Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) Student Chapter Steel Bridge Club



ASCE student chapter at UConn is part of the national organization, the American Society of Civil Engineers. Members of ASCEThe goal of this group is to provide students insight into what a Civil Engineer encounters in the professional and social  environment. We help to connect and network Civil and Environmental Engineering students to current professionals and job opportunities through seminars, field trips and careers fairs.  ASCE also supports clubs that allow students to apply their classroom learning to practical and fun projects such as the Steel Bridge Club and Concrete Canoe Club.

Recent Achievements:

2018: UConn ASCE Teams Post Second Place Wins in Regional Competitions

Faculty Advisor: Shinae Jang, (860) 486-0540,

Student Contact: Brian Lassy Jr,

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Chi Epsilon

In 1949, Chi Epsilon was organized to recognize the characteristics of the individual civil engineer deemed to be fundamental to the successful pursuit of an engineering career, Members of Chi Epsilonand to aid in the development of those characteristics in the civil engineering student. To become members, students must rank in the upper one-third of his or her civil engineering class and be enrolled in civil engineering or a closely related curriculum and have completed at least one-half of the work required for their Bachelor’s degree.

Faculty Advisor: Jin Zhu, (860) 486-0489,

Student Contact: Amanda Thompson,

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Concrete Canoe

The Concrete Canoe Association is a student organization dedicated to build a concrete canoe and to participate in a nationwide competition each year. The students are given a standardized hull design and the Concrete Canoe team building the canoeASCE National Concrete Canoe CompetitionTM Rules & Regulation book. It is a challenge to design an appropriate concrete mix, to choose the best type and amount of reinforcement, to apply both materials in a way to match the given hull design, to transport the canoe to the competition venue and to be in physical shape as well as skilled enough to look good during the canoe race. The three best teams receive a monetary award and a trophy, but all what matters is the joy of having participated in such a competition.

Read about Concrete Canoe and see their work on UConn Magazine.

Faculty Advisor: Kay Wille, (860) 486-2074,

Student Contact: Brian Lassy Jr,

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EERI UConn Student Chapter

The UConn Student Chapter of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute allows undergraduate and graduate The UConn Student Chapter of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institutestudents to learn about the fields of Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics. Throughout the school year, EERI organizes lectures and industry tours where students can deepen their knowledge of Civil Engineering by understanding the effects of earthquakes on structures and how to mitigate earthquake hazards. Members can also participate in the Seismic Design competition at the annual EERI Conference where they must design, build, and present a balsa wood structure which will withstand multiple ground motions.

Watch how these students prepare for a Seismic Design competition here.

Faculty Advisor: Arash Esmaili Zaghi, (860) 486-2468,

Industry Advisor: Jochen Carl (FM Global)

Student Contact: Nicholas Roche

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Green Building Club

The University of Connecticut Green Building Club is a student organization dedicated to providing students an opportunity to learn about sustainable building and to network with professors and professionals who are involved in the discipline. The club will investigate matters such as sustainable construction, LEED certified building processes, efficiency retrofitting, and low impact building techniques.  For the next semester, there are plans for speakers, tours of green buildings on campus, and entry in the NESEA design competition.  The club is open to students of all areas of study. While a background in engineering can be useful, it is important to remember that this issue requires a multidisciplinary approach.

Student Contact: Nicole Bibeau,

Faculty Advisors: Tim Vadas, (860) 486-5642,

Alex Agrios, (860) 486-1350,

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UConn ITE is the Institute of Transportation Engineers’ student chapter at the University of Connecticut. UConn ITE promotes advancement of transportation and traffic engineering by facilitating interactionUConn ITE @UMass Amherst between students and professionals through hosting speakers and sponsoring technical and social activities.  The organization strives to generate interest in transportation among students by organizing a variety of informational and social activities.  Past activities are professional speakers, field trips, transportation-themed game shows, visiting other ITE student chapters, attending state and regional ITE meetings, organizing transportation symposia at UConn, semester parties and more. UConn ITE is a great place to meet experts in transportation and traffic engineering and to foster professional growth.  Any student (undergraduate or graduate) at UConn can be a member of UConn ITE.

Student Contacts:
Rob Smith,
Asad Tanvir,

Faculty Advisor: John Ivan,

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Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) Graduate Chapter

Steel Truss BridgeThe Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) Graduate Student Chapter is dedicated to promoting the field of structural engineering and providing students with opportunities for professional development and growth. SEI will hold educational, professional development, outreach, and team building activities for both graduate and undergraduate students interested in structural engineering with the graduate students service as the primary mentors and leaders to serve the organization.

Faculty Advisor: Arash Esmail Zaghi (860)-486-2468,

Student Contact: William Hughes,


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Steel Bridge

UConn engineering students pose with their steel bridge during the 2019 AISC Regional Steel Bridge Competition.

Steel Bridge Club supplements the education of Civil Engineering students with a comprehensive, student-driven hands-on experience through design, fabrication, erection and testing of a bridge structure. The UConn Steel Bridge Team participates in a nation-wide competition sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers and the American Institute of Steel Construction, competing at the Regional Competition held in the spring every year. The club fabricates the bridge by cutting and welding the 25' span bridge themselves. The competition is judged on the following: Construction speed, Lightness, Stiffness, Construction economy, and Structural efficiency. The Stiffness test during the competition consists of loading the bridge with 2.5 kips (2,500 pounds of force). If the bridge deflects more than 1/2 inch, the school is disqualified. In recent years, UCONN Steel Bridge Club have competed and ranked in the top 3 schools in the New England Region. We are proud of our achievements of competing on the National Level year after year.

Recent achievements:

2018: New England Regional Comp. second place overall, National Steel Bridge Comp. placed top 25 in the nation

2019: New England Regional Comp. first place overall and first place in each of the 5 judged categories, National Steel Bridge Comp. placed top 25 in the nation

Team member Melissa Hernandez appeared in the AISC Modern Steel Construction magazine in the August 2019 (pg.48) and October 2019 (pg.64) Issues.

Student contacts:
Melissa Hernandez -
Drew Fuller -
Steel Bridge team email -

Faculty advisor: Prof. Arash Esmaili Zaghi, (860)-486-2468,
Practitioner Advisor: Michael Culmo, CME Associates, Inc.

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