Graduate Students


Civil engineers work in the natural environment to design and construct the infrastructure needed by our society. This includes the buildings where we live and work, the highways on which we travel, the water we drink and many other essential ingredients of our lives. UConn is committed to preparing the next generation of civil engineers to address the complex global challenges of the future.

The Master's program has as its primary objective the development of students’ understanding of the subject matter through in-depth research and advanced studies. A research-based Master of Science degree can lead to a professional career in civil engineering and may lead students to pursue doctoral studies or careers in research and development in government and private institutes. 

The Doctoral program is both competitive and challenging and offers special opportunities for learning, research, and application. Together with their professors, doctoral students comprise a true community of scholars. The student’s advisory committee, which is responsible for overseeing the student’s final achievement, is an integral part of such a community. Doctoral study is normally completed in three to five years.