Transportation and Urban Engineering

The Transportation and Urban Engineering group works in conjunction with the Connecticut Transportation Institute to conduct multidisciplinary research in transportation safety, urban design and regional planning. The faculty has expertise in  areas spanning sustainable transportation systems and infrastructure, complex construction projects, transportation data systems, and geographic information systems. They are dedicated researchers and teachers. They enjoy active involvement with their graduate student group. 

Major projects led by Transportation and Urban Engineering faculty

  • Expansion of the Connecticut Crash Data Collection and Repository. $10M. PI is Eric Jackson.
  • Continued Development of the Enterprise GIS Capabilities of the Connecticut Department of Transportation. $2M. PI is Eric Jackson.
  • With the Connecticut Department of Transportation, the New England University Transportation Center and the Federal Highway Administration, UConn’s Transportation Systems Research Cluster has developed t-HUB, an online mapping and analysis application. PI is Nicholas Lownes. Funding: more than $500,000 to date.
  • With the US Dept. of Transportation, UConn is partnering with universities around the US in the Center for Advanced Multimodal Mobility Solutions and Education (CAMMSE). Funding: $1 million, PI is Nicholas Lownes.
  • Through the Exploratory Advanced Research (EAR) Program of the Federal Highway Administration (U.S. Department of Transportation) UConn is leading a team with another university to develop tools to generate realistic artificial roadway and crash data to be used for improving the accuracy of crash prediction models. Funding $1 million. PI is John Ivan. 
  • The National Cooperative Highway Research Program is sponsoring the development of crash prediction models aimed at making safer roads. Funding: $800,000. PI is John Ivan.
  • With the Connecticut Department of Transportation, “Development and Execution of the Statewide Household Travel Survey.” Funding: $1.5 million. PI is Nicholas Lownes.
  • Expansion of the CT Crash Data Repository and creation of the CT Safety Management System through funding from CTDOT at $3 million annually. PI is Eric Jackson.

Major projects led by partners at Connecticut Transportation Institute

  • The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) of the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (CTDMV) are sponsoring the development of a truck parking information management system to improve the safety, productivity, and compliance with FMCSA regulations of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs). Funding: $1.7 million. PI is Mohammad Shaon (CTSRC), Co-PIs are Monika Filipovska and Niloufar Shirani Bidabadi.
  • Further Advancing the Transportation Safety Analysis Capabilities of the Connecticut Department of Transportation $7.2 M. PI is Shanshan Zhao (CTSRC)
  • Development of the Advanced Driving Simulator and Pedestrian Safety study via funding from UConn CEE, OVPR and the CTDOT. Funding: $660,000. PI is Eric Jackson.
  • Implementation and Evaluation of Aira Blind and Low Vision Mobility and Public Transit Access Pilot in Connecticut Funding: $394K. PI is Mohammad Shaon (CTSRC).
  • CTfastrak Automated Bus Survey and analysis $281K PI is Niloufar Shirani (CTSRC)
  • With the Connecticut Department of Transportation, “Implementation of a 3-D Sensing Technology for Automated Pavement Data Collection in Connecticut”. Funding: $183,000. PI is James Mahoney (CAPLAB).
  • With the Connecticut Department of Transportation, “Connecticut’s Safety Circuit Rider Program” and “Connecticut’s Traffic Signal Systems Circuit Rider”, Funding is $1,900,000. PI is Donna Shea (T2 Center).