Transportation and Urban Engineering

The Transportation and Urban Engineering group works in conjunction with the Connecticut Transportation Institute to conduct multidisciplinary research in transportation safety, urban design and regional planning. The faculty has expertise in  areas spanning sustainable transportation systems and infrastructure, complex construction projects, transportation data systems, and geographic information systems. They are dedicated researchers and teachers. They enjoy active involvement with their graduate student group. 

Meet Our Faculty

Amy C. Burnicki
Assistant Professor in Residence
(860) 486-2340
Norman W. Garrick
(860) 486-2990
John N. Ivan
(860) 486-0352
Eric Jackson
Associate Research Professor
(860) 486-8426
Nicholas Lownes
Associate Professor
(860) 486-2717
Jin Zhu
Assistant Professor
(860) 486-0489

Transportation Systems Lab

The Transportation Systems Laboratory is located in room 210 of the Francis L. Castleman building. The lab is currently used for teaching undergraduate and graduate courses, senior design collaborative space, research activities and partnering with academic and industry partners.  The laboratory houses several collaborative workstations, high-performance computational resources, wireless projection capability in both 210 and 210A, plotting capabilities and hi-tech classroom resources.