7 Civil Engineering Technical Areas
Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Fall 2019 - Enrollment of Civil Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering
Fall 2019 - Enrollment of Environmental Engineering
Construction Engineering & Management Minor
Environmental Engineering Minor
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CEE Undergraduate Courses

All courses will be offered online for the remainder of the Spring 2020 Semester.
Revised syllabi are now available at the following link: COVID-19 Resources for Students.

Please refer to UConn Undergraduate Course Catalog CE Page and ENVE Page for more information.


CE 2110. Applied Mechanics I (Description/Syllabus1)(Description/Syllabus2)

CE 2120. Applied Mechanics II (Description/Syllabus)

CE/ENVE 2210. Decision Analysis in Civil and Environmental Engineering (Description/Syllabus)

CE 2211. Engineering Economics I (Description/Syllabus)

CE 2251. Probability and Statistics in Civil and Environmental Engineering (Description/Syllabus)

ENVE 2310. Environmental Engineering Fundamentals (Description/Syllabus)

CE 2410. Geomatics and Spatial Measurement (Description/Syllabus, Lab Syllabus)

ENVE 2411. Introduction to Computer Aided Design (Description/Syllabus)

CE 2413. Geomatics Field Methods (Syllabus not yet available)

CE 2710. Transportation Engineering (Description/Syllabus)

CE 3110. Mechanics of Materials (Description/Syllabus)

ENVE 3120. Fluid Mechanics (Description/Syllabus)

ENVE 3200. Environmental Engineering Laboratory (Description/Syllabus)

ENVE 3220. Water Quality Engineering (Description/Syllabus)

ENVE 3230. Air Pollution Control (Description/Syllabus)

CE 3251. Engineering Applications for Probability and Statistics (Description/Syllabus)

ENVE 3270. Environmental Microbiology (Description/Syllabus)

CE 3510. Soil Mechanics I (Description/Syllabus)

CE 3520. Civil Engineering Materials (Description/Syllabus)

CE/ENVE 3530. Engineering & Environmental Geology (Description/Syllabus)

CE 3610. Basic Structural Analysis (Description/Syllabus)

CE 3630. Design of Steel Structures (Description/Syllabus)

CE 3640. Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures (Description/Syllabus)

CE 3995. Special Topics in Civil Engineering (Description/Syllabus)

CE 4210. Operations Research in Civil and Environmental Engineering (Description/Syllabus)

CE 4220. Principles of Construction II (Description/Syllabus)

ENVE 4310. Environmental Modeling (Description/Syllabus)

ENVE 4320. Ecological Principles and Engineering (Description/Syllabus)

CE 4410. Computer Aided Site Design (Description/Syllabus)

CE 4510. Foundation Design (Description/Syllabus)

ENVE 4530. Geoenvironmental Engineering (Description/Syllabus)

ENVE 4540. Design of Groundwater Systems (Syllabus not yet available)

CE 4541. Soil Mechanics II (Description/Syllabus)

CE 4542. Earthquake Engineering (Description/Syllabus)

CE 4610. Advanced Structural Analysis (Description/Syllabus)

CE 4710. Case Studies in Transportation Engineering (Description/Syllabus)

CE 4730. Transportation Planning (Description/Syllabus)

ENVE 4810. Engineering Hydrology (Description/Syllabus)

ENVE 4820. Hydraulic Engineering (Description/Syllabus)

CE 4900W. Civil Engineering Projects (Description/Syllabus)

CE 4910W. Civil Engineering Projects (Description/Syllabus)

ENVE 4910W. Environmental Engineering Design I (Description/Syllabus)

ENVE 4920W. Environmental Engineering Design II (Description/Syllabus)

ENVE 4996. Thesis

ENVE 4999. Independent Study

CE 4999. Independent Study for Undergraduates