Sensor Work Makes the Cover of ES&T

detailed diagram explaining the hs-ism soil nitrogen sensor research

April 14, 2022

Recently, Environmental Science & Technology accepted a research paper lead authored by PhD student, Yingzheng Fan. ES&T is the premier journal within the field of environmental engineering. The research covers accurate and continuous monitoring of soil nitrogen which is critical for determining its fate and provides early warning for swift soil nutrient management.

"Traditional soil nitrogen measurements are usually ex-situ using lab-based approaches that cause severe time delay. Our solid-state ion selective membrane (S-ISM) sensors address this imminent challenge by coating ultra-thin polyacrylamide hydrogel on the S-ISM surface to absorb water contained in soil. Tests using real-world soil obviously showed the enhanced accuracy and stability of these sensors. This pioneering study establishes a framework capable of real-time in situ, long-term continuous soil monitoring, a crucial technology with profound impacts on soil system resilience, nutrient management, contaminant removal, and energy-saving practices."

To learn more, feel free to read the full paper here!