New CEE Initiative Focuses on Neurodiversity

Illustration of several individuals with different thinking styles. Profiles of individuals shows inner workings of the brain portrayed as puzzle pieces, a linear graph, paint splatters, and flowers.

Five researchers in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering are beginning work on a 5-year project that aims to improve the learning environment for neurodiverse students. (Getty Images)

Department Head Maria Chrysochoou, along with several collaborators —CEE Professor Amvrossios Bagtzoglou and CEE Associate Professors Arash Zaghi, Nicholas Lownes, Tim Vadas, NEAG Associate Professor Rachael Gabriel, and CETL Director Peter Diplock —are hoping to be part of a cultural shift that values the contributions of neurodiverse individuals. The focus of this National Science Foundation-funded project is creating an inclusive learning environment for neurodivergent students, such as students on the autism spectrum, or those with ADHD, anxiety, or dyslexia.

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