Dilia Carrillo-Muralles Awarded INCLUDE Neurodiversity in Engineering Scholarship

Storrs, Connecticut

This past summer, as part of the INCLUDE Project, a cohort of BRIDGE students participated in program activities designed to cultivate their unique potential for innovation in engineering. One of these students was awarded a scholarship to support and empower them on their engineering journey.

The recipient of this year’s INCLUDE Scholarship, Dilia Carrillo-Muralles, exhibited a high level of engagement, a willingness to take risks and step out of her comfort zone, and a commitment to personal growth. Her quiet leadership and positive outlook contributed to our INCLUDE community during BRIDGE and will serve her well in her future career as an engineer.

When asked about her interests and goals related to engineering, Dilia stated, “I want to become a software developer in the future and create an app or website that helps support a global issue in the world!”

We congratulate Dilia Carrillo-Muralles on her exceptional achievements and wish her success as she embarks on her first year at UConn!