Connecticut Urban and Transportation Film Festival

Transportation engineering students need to be able to communicate with a wide array of stakeholders because their work usually impacts and is impacted by the general public. This is especially true of transportation planning. Accordingly, through a grant from UConn’s Center for Transportation and Livability Studies (CTLS), two professors (Dr. Norman Garrick from Civil & Environmental Engineering and Dr. Carol Atkinson-Palombo from Geography) collaborated with Clarence Eckerson who runs an advocacy group called StreetFilms, to train students to make short films to address issues in transportation sustainability. This course took place in Spring 2015.  Films produced during this course will be showcased during the inaugural Connecticut Urban and Transportation Film Festival held on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 on the Storrs campus in Laurel Hall, room 101. Reception is at 6:15.  Screening starts at 7PM.

In addition to that, two of the student films (below) have been accepted for screening at the New Urbanism Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA on October 8-11, 2015. This is a remarkable feat for anyone producing their first film, not to mention that these students are engineers. 

The Millennial Shift Towards Walkable Cities

CTfastrak: First Impressions of Hartford’s New Transit System

The New Ubarnism Film Festival