CEE Professor Featured on Vox

March 30, 2023

Our own Dr. Arash E. Zaghi was featured on a video by Vox discussing the misconceptions surrounding dyslexia, dispelling the stigma surrounding it as purely a "deficiency" and analyzing the strengths and advantages unique to neurodiverse individuals. As Dr. Zaghi says, "It doesn't make me superhuman... It's just how my brain structure is."

Dr. Zaghi was also recently inducted into the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering as one of eleven inductees from UConn. The following text is from UConn Today:

“As UConn’s academic and innovative influence grows, so does our faculty membership in CASE. That’s not a coincidence,” says Pamir Alpay, a CASE member and UConn’s interim vice president for research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. “UConn and UConn Health research forms Connecticut’s scientific and engineering backbone and it’s an honor to see our faculty recognized for their brilliance and accomplishments.”

Check out the full video on YouTube below:

Dr. Arash Zaghi pictured above.