CEE Leadership Awards Announced

2020 CEE Graduate Leadership Awards

We are very happy to announce the recipients of the 1st CEE Leadership awards. The Graduate Courses & Curriculum committee has selected three students:  

Sudipta Chowdhury (TUE) and Christina Feng Chang (ENVE) will both receive the CEE Leadership award and funds for the conference of their choice.

Sudipta and Christina have been strongly engaged in UConn SOE John Lof Academy and Sage organizations as well as professional societies and conferences in their technical area. Their leadership vision is a warm positive note on what the future holds when the next generation takes the reigns!

Yue Yin (ENVE) is the recipient of a travel award. Yue is on the right track to take on leadership roles in the near future and we look forward to see what she will do next.

Announced on behalf of: 
Marina Astitha, PhD, Associate Department Head for Graduate Education, Equity and Inclusion