5th National Climate Assessment Released

The most recent National Climate Assessment Report (NCA5) was released earlier this week, and two of UConn's faculty - Dr. Guiling Wang and Dr. Zhe Zhu - are among its authors.  In particular, the two worked on the sixth chapter of the report, Land Cover and Land-use Change.

"[The] NCA5 was written to inform a broad audience of decision makers around the country who are not climate scientists," Wang says. The NCA5 is designed for accessibility, and underwent a thorough review process from several federal agencies. With four years' work and hundreds of scientists' expertise, the report provides comprehensive and significant findings that will be used to inform future climate action.

"Climate change is not all doom and gloom," Wang concludes. "With climate action comes hope, optimism, and opportunities."

For more details, read on UConn Today. Or, read the chapter itself on the NCA5 website.