Program Description

The INCLUDE team is working with partners across the UConn campus to create an ecosystem that supports diverse learning styles and cultivates the potential of neurodivergent students to contribute to innovations in engineering.

INCLUDE aims to make systemic changes that range across the entire span of a student's undergraduate experience. Efforts will target the following areas: recruitment of neurodivergent students to engineering, transition to college, community building, incorporation of inclusive teaching practices, advising and mentoring, career advising and employer outreach.

INCLUDE Kickoff 2020

Components of the INCLUDE program will be launching in Fall 2020. Stay tuned!

Revised Courses - Pilot program

A dedicated team of faculty is working to revise courses. These courses will use Universal Design for Instruction (UDI) principles to make CEE more accessible to all kinds of learners.

A list of courses in the pilot program will be provided soon.

Neurodiversity Day Event with Shawn Smith

We are excited to welcome Shawn Smith, founder and CEO of Don't Dis-my-ability to the Storrs campus in Fall 2020. He will join us for a day of workshops, presentations, and roundtable discussions for faculty and students in the UConn community. Please join the conversation about neurodiversity!

This event is tentatively planned for September 2020.

Fall 2020: FYE Course module (under development)

Neurodiversity 101
This course module will introduce neurodiversity to students enrolled in FYE (UNIV 1800) courses through the School of Engineering.

Course module may address some of the following questions:
What is neurodiversity? How do I navigate college as a neurodiverse student? How can I use my strengths to succeed in college?

INCLUDE Learning Community

The INCLUDE team is exploring the formation of a new INCLUDE Learning Community for engineering students. INCLUDE LC students can expect to participate in workshops, roundtable discussions, and other events related to neurodiversity, engineering, and the college experience. Stay tuned for more information!